Navigate the Chaos is a labor of love started back in 2012 during my train ride into Philadelphia. The brief commute offered me opportunities to reflect upon a random and specific topic. Over time those thoughts landed in a notes folder on my phone. In 2015 those thoughts grew both in size and scope. To help organize my thoughts the device of a question a day came into existence and the Navigate the Chaos web site was launched. In 2018 the first edition of a hard copy collection of all 365 questions and daily posts was published, with subsequent editions in 2019 (2nd) and 2020 (3rd). Navigating the Chaos: 365 Questions to Ask Yourself on the Art of Living, 2021 edition is now available.

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Unlike almost every other self-help, resource driven, or meta-site available, Navigate the Chaos contains no advertisements, popup windows, requests for subscriptions, members only section, training programs, guides, or life-changing global excursions. Nor will you find on this site any secrets to success, advice on how to life your best life, or transformational know-how from experts. The world is drowning out our ability to listen to ourselves. We need a respite from everyone telling us what to do, how to do it, and when to do it. Enter Navigate the Chaos:  A Daily Question On The Art Of Living.


The purpose of Navigate the Chaos is to offer you a daily question and related blog post to consider. That’s it. Nothing more. The design of a question each day is to help you spend time alone with yourself, your thoughts, and your dreams. Each post involves backstories, historical events, academic research, and contemporary resources such as articles, videos, and interviews. Links to the sources used provide opportunities for those so inclined to explore further. If you would like answers, secrets, or advice look elsewhere. If, however, you are looking to reflect upon a question to help you navigate the chaos and practice the art of living well, you should find this site useful.


If you so choose, there are two items available to purchase: a paper copy of the blog in book form or a monthly calendar printed with each day’s question. A free Google calendar to download is also available.


Best wishes as you consider each day's question as you travel the path of navigating the chaos and practicing the art of living well.


Michael Edmondson